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It is the first time in all those years that he returns to this place. As common in the film business, only some scenes were filmed here, even for scenes in the lake occasionally other locations were better suited. But none the less you can easily imagine the filming here.


Suddenly the sun peaks through the clouds. The water surface begins to glint. The green of the leaves shines in the sun’s back light. The tree trunks look black in contrast.

A magical moment.  

There – isn’t there the far away noise of a battle heard? Then voices, very close – the laughing of Kai, the Saxon who had fallen into the hands of the Celts. Arthur’s young voice, very clear. The dark bass of Llud with the Ironhand… But listen, isn’t there someone calling „This was naughty, very naughty…“? A camera buzzes and then – nothing more …

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    can only be reached if you are willing to go all the way. The scenery is very English, as is the weather.


Halfway through it we are caught by heavy rains, the path is already soaking wet since several days past. The pleasures of the English summer. And we in the middle of it all. It could hardly be more mundane. And barely more muddy.

Where are we? And how in the world did we get here? Well – it is Sunday! We are in Woodchester Park! And we are hiking to the lake where Arthur’s village once was built. Walking down Memory Lane. Its muddy consistence adds to the feeling. And indeed, once we have reached the shoreline, it looks very familiar.


The bank itself where the huts stood is now hardly visible. Nature has taken over. In the past 38 years many beautiful trees have settled there. Oliver, who already had a bustling morning, identifies some spots where huts might have been standing, and here – here according to his memory, the caravans for the actors were assembled...

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At the Lake - Chapter 3

Far away...

deep in the woods...

well hidden and enchanted lies a lake...